Travel by bike

The “bicycle” theme is one of the main motivations that makes our guests travel. Cycling, mountain biking and road bicycles are playing an increasingly important role, even for South Tyrol. Today, the desire to move among nature, enjoy the scenery, feel free is becoming more and more important; all the aspects that represent for those who live in big cities, something often unknown, that should be made known.

The summary of the document “extreme roads for bikes” is a guide for all partners of the tourism industry, for accommodation facilities and all interested parties open to new ideas in the development of a tourism product:

Points 1) and 2) provide market reviews and research on trends related to this topic. Paragraph 3) discusses the thoughts collected during the seminar on the topic, which was attended by experts from the tourism industry who tried to determine a) the main characteristics in the eyes of modern tourists and b) what factors will become important in the future. This view of the future is aimed at stimulating the creation of new products and services, as well as improving existing products.

According to an analysis conducted in 2016, 5.2 million Germans made a real cycling vacation, which is 16% more than in 2015. From 2016, 18% of Germans appeared instead. In the last 3 years on vacation, he used (very) often a bicycle, but only 3% made a real vacation on two wheels. The difference in data can easily be explained by the fact that the expression “real bike vacation” can have different meanings. It is important that, regardless of whether or not to make a real bike trip, there are still many people who often use bicycles on vacation.

This means that cycling, understood as cycling, is an activity that is practiced by everyone, and not just those who can be correctly identified as “two-wheel travelers”. In fact, people use bicycles on vacation, in particular bicycles for bicycle tours, traveling by bicycle mainly with their partner or friends / acquaintances, 17% of people travel alone and 11% with family. 30% use the train to get to their destination, 40% by car, 18% go straight from home by bicycle, the rate for those who use the train, the preferred mode of transport, is significant. traditional tourists usually overtakes a car.

Sharing paths is a topic that affects all bike paths, but especially the MTB segment, as tourists walking along the paths often feel uneasy about cyclists. As for the growth and development of electric MTBs, one of the biggest problems for two-wheeled tourist destinations is their coexistence on the tracks. with traditional, non-electric mountain bikes.

An important factor in this context is manuals and (technical) training. Safety on bike paths and routes is also an important aspect for the Italian market, which believes that it is more important to have safe and secure bike paths, after which the need immediately arises for special routes for racing bikes.

The opportunity to get new experiences is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing a destination for your vacation: you no longer look at a specific destination, but at what you want to do. A study in Frankfurt showed that young people between the ages of 18 and 35 value life more in new experiences than in something else; their interests as consumers are pleasure and experience.

For this reason, tourist destinations on two wheels should include some “prerequisites”, which in the case of a bicycle can be an intersection of the Alps or a tour along the path of an ancient pilgrim; this also matches the 2017 trend, bicycle packaging, cycling for several days.

For mountain bike lovers, the differentiating factor is the availability of long trails to enjoy unique views and panoramas, and adventure and entertainment are a strong motivating factor, especially among the smallest (children and adolescents), for whom cycling routes should include special events, such as the opportunity to practice dirty and gravity bikes or participate in activities combining entertainment and sports.