Best roads for road bikes

The area around Bress with numerous marked trails crossing the groves or slopes of Revermont makes this area a bicycle. The green link safely connects the center of Bourg-en-Bresse with the nearby forest, passing near the Royal Monastery of Brou and the amusement park Bouven. Mountain bike side, territory not left, thanks to its many marked trails. Several professionals offer their equipment rental services, as well as internships or trips under the supervision of a road or mountain bike, to learn about technology and get acquainted with the regional heritage.

Vineyards, forest or the banks of the Rhone … The landscapes of the Bugey Sud are especially suitable for cycling, with many routes for all levels: road, mountain bike, Via Rona. The most experienced will follow in the footsteps of the Tour de France with an ascent to the legendary Grand Colombier. And in order to make the most of your stay, he defines hosts and other service providers that meet the criteria of quality of service and equipment, as well as a number of events and activities. Products (stay, internships …) to welcome cyclists in the best conditions. In addition, there are various bicycle rental facilities (road, mountain bike and electric assistance) on site.

Ain, the country of cycling, offers its visitors many passes, hills and climbs, which sometimes do not please everyone! To enjoy without worries, try an electric bike and go for a walk around the area, it’s fantastic and a lot of fun! Even if you are not a great athlete, you can compare yourself to the climbs or large passes borrowed from the Tour de France, including the Grand Colombier. A great opportunity to win, with a good mood and good spirit, more experienced and athletic cyclists! An electric bike is also a way to slowly return to the bike and take longer trips, up to fifty kilometers.

Located at an altitude of 1234 m above sea level, the Planachat bicycle park in Cormaranche offers 5 downhill runs and 5 enduro tracks, accessible to all levels of practice and regularly improved. Now it is recognized and appreciated by competitors who find a training ground here to their liking. Free admission throughout the year and free, the hotel also has a mountain bike area dedicated to parking, picnic tables, a bivouac area and a bicycle wash area. The transfer system allows you to return to the beginning of the runways (May / June). Over the past 14 years, the Auvergne-Rhone-Alps Downhill Cup has been held on the site every year for more than 200 drivers.

Cycling is the department’s first sporting event, the only professional French cycling event that follows the contours of the department and is called. Since 1989, this milestone race has fully entered the international bicycle calendar and hosts the best teams in the world. Passing every summer, just a few weeks after the Tour de France, its route alternates between low-lying, mid-mountains and landscapes of trial time. As a true continuation of the Tour de France, the Tour de l’Ain serves as a kind of catch-up for some riders. The little queen at a party for 5 days throughout the department, with many events and decorations in the step cities and villages crossed.

Top-rated pedals. For those who have automatic pedals, the gaskets should be adjusted to the depth of engagement and lateral direction. Wedges giving angular freedom to the foot (heel movement from right to left) will be preferable for cyclists with knee problems. For depth of capture, you will find a thumb joint under the boot. Then you only need to adjust the gasket so that the pedal axis is at the same level as the joint.

For the lateral direction, it is necessary to observe the anatomical constitution: you slightly tighten the retention in the direction of the shoe, then, after making several turns of the pedals, you slightly change this base position by turning the wedge inward if you pedal with your feet. inside or outside if you have duck pedals. It is up to you to adapt to the best according to your sensations; knee descent should be done without difficulty. After completing the adjustment, tighten the screws securely. The length of the connecting rods is proportional to the length of the femur. You will get it by measuring the length between your large skewer (a bump located outside on the buttocks) and the outer edge of the patella (knee bone) with a tape measure. Then you look in the following table to find out the length of your crankshaft.